How does remote video creation work?

We live in strange times and people are self-isolating around the world. However, that does not mean you should stop advertising your business. This is an ideal time to create content such as explainer videos and testimonial videos so that online shoppers can come to know, like and trust your business.

In fact, this situation opens up a global marketplace, so we are faced with unprecedented opportunity. Furthermore, using video on your social media is going to activate the hidden algorithms in Facebook and Instagram and you will have a boost for your site from them by adding video.

So, at Filmonaday, how do we do this? First up is a Zoom chat - so we can see each other and gain an understanding of the process. (This is not essential as we can create a video from just an email.) Next, we devise a script and we can help you nut that out using our 5-line promo formula. Then we go away and add stock footage and copyright free music and come back with a first draft. That's not the end of it though - creating a video is a creative and collaborative process and sometimes there's much back and forth between us creatives and you the business owner/representative. We strive to be patient and work through all the changes to get things right for you.

Finally, we provide you with guidance on how to upload the video to your social media and maximise the benefits of video marketing. Contact us today for a free consult on how we can help create a video promotion to boost your business online to a global marketplace.

Here's an example of a video we created by just chatting to the event organiser over messenger.

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