Video Creation without putting your face in it

We all feel a 'cringe factor' when seeing ourselves on film. This is because we are used to looking at ourselves in the mirror and our faces are not symmetrical so when we see ourselves on camera, our brains say "Hey! I don't look like that!" I learnt this when I watched a great video by which helped me understand a lot of the sense of embarrassment that both I and my clients feel when considering video as a marketing tool. The secret is - you don't need to appear on camera to create a video for your business. We have work-arounds in the form of animation and whiteboard videos which you can start with and then work your way up to appearing on camera and then only if you want to. We also recommend that you can hire actors or use staff members if you really hate it.. Although you can't beat the authenticity of you appearing on camera to meet your customers. Your main job as a business owner is honing and condensing your marketing message to appeal to and engage your audience. Check out Filmonaday's 3D style animated videos here:

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